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Inframac Technology and Marketing is the authorized distributor for the following companies and their products:

AVerMedia Information Inc

AVerMedia appointed us as the official distributor for marketing and selling their products. AVerMedia is a major global provider of presentation and education solutions, including its AverVision line of visualizers (document cameras), security surveillance systems and video conferencing solutions. AVerMedia prides itself on developing cutting-edge products that innovatively integrate its video technology, electronics, optics, RF/wireless technology, software applications and industrial design capabilities.

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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity continues to certify us as their distributor for ADC Krone and AMP NetConnect products. TE Connectivity is a technology leader in the world’s fastest growing markets - helping connect power, data and signal in everything from automotive and aerospace to broadband communications, consumer, energy and industrial applications. We can also rely on them for collaborative support to solve customer challenges.

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TOA Electronics

TOA Electronics also nominated us to be their 'Authorized System House' for TOA Public Address speakers and amplifiers. Their extensive line of audio products includes mixers, wireless microphone systems, digital processors and network audio solutions. With TOA, Inframac has acquired the expertise in PA Systems to be able to provide not only high quality professional equipments but also customized solutions if the need arises.

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