Inframac Technology and Marketing provides a wide range of technology products and solutions to both the local government and private sectors. Our main activities are:


Capitalizing on our local and foreign networks, we are actively involved in domestic interstate trading as well as import and export transactions that contribute to the growth of Brunei™ economy.


Our broad range of interpersonal contacts in the Asia Pacific region have given ITM the reputation for effectively planning and coordinating technology projects by specialists and companies for the benefit of both the private and government sectors. Our core solutions include:

Network Infrastructure

We deliver the entire network infrastructure inclusive of network switches, managed wireless solutions, equipment racks and enclosures, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and structured cabling solutions.

Mechanical and Engineering (M&E) Solutions

We provide M&E solutions for buildings, which includes installations of audio visual (AV) equipments, IP-based surveillance systems, public address (PA) systems, home automation and master time clock systems.

IT System Integration

We provide a complete IT system integration solution, which includes hardware, off-the-shelf software applications, and even development of customized software applications to meet customer€™s requirements.


We provide effective consulting in marketing and risk management as we have done comprehensive research in these areas based on analysis of information gathered from our local and foreign counterparts.

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