Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB)

In May 2011, Inframac Technology and Marketing successfully secured the tender to build a new network infrastructure, an audio-visual (AV) system and a new closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system for Institut Teknologi Brunei Phase 3 campus.

Work started in December 2012 as we were only permitted to enter the new building after 90% of the construction for this phase was completed. As this is an extension of the campus wing to accommodate the increasing number of students, our job was also to link the older existing ITB network infrastructure to the newer system to ensure smooth interconnectivity.

The project will need a total of 8 months to complete from the start of designing an entirely new network architecture to the final testing and handover. In this period, we have to install and setup a new network infrastructure that has configured chassis switches with the correct hardware settings for the special requirements of this campus. We also have to install the AV system for all the lecture halls and meeting rooms as well as setting up an IP CCTV for the security of the whole Phase 3 campus.

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