Network Design and Installation (ND&I) Certification Course

02 Jul 2013

Developed by TE Connectivity, brought to you exclusively by Inframac Technology and Marketing

Inframac, together with our technology partners continuously provide trainings and certifications to our clients on the products we supply. This time around, we are pleased to invite Anton Indrawata, the Technical Manager for TE Connectivity from Singapore to conduct this workshop.

Upon completion of the course, qualified participants will be awarded the esteemed TE ND&I Competency Certificate with a two-year validity period.

Title: Network Design and Installation (ND&I)

Date: 7th May 2013 to 9th May 2013

Location: Rizqun Hotel, Gadong

Course Agenda:

1) Fundamentals structured cabling system.

2) Hands-on installation on CAT6 UTP outlet terminations.

3) Optical fiber cabling system: Fiber cable and performance level, measures when handling cable, Hands-on fiber optic fusion splicing

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